I was born in New Orleans...

on the banks of the Mississippi, in the heart of the Garden District. Storytelling is a way of life down there. It flows with the same effortless force as the great river. So, it was only natural that I grew up to become a story teller.

Did I ever tell you about the time that I had a pet alligator named Elvis? I was about 7 years old. He lived in my tree-house. Fed him goldfish. It rarely freezes in Nola, so it didn't occur to me that rare January night when it did. The next morning, Elvis' tank had encased him in a thin layer of ice.

I had not yet learned about the wonders of brumation. But not being one to give up hope, I took him into my dad's bathroom shower and ran the warm water for a little bit. I went on to other things like playing with my GI Joe's...till I heard my mother scream. Elvis was alive! Unfortunately, that occasion also marked the end of Elvis' stay with us.

My hope is to impact the entertainment industry and just continue to tell good stories.


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